What hypocrisy it is to demand from the society where we live in to become more honest, more compassionate, and more understanding when we ourselves cannot find the courage to become one. From my 19 years of inexperience, I have seen and heard people point out their opinion about how others should think, speak and act saying the world will be much more of a better place to live in if people are honest, if people are kind, or perhaps, if people are just plain good. How easy it is for us to demand that others should act the way … Continue reading #Opinion

An Open Letter to Allen

I arrived home with the thought of wanting to write how my Saturday went through, but when I logged in on my WordPress account, I saw the new blog update a friend of mine from school has posted. And I figured this is a good time to tell him this: To Allen,             I know that the world is cruel and life really does suck. We are not anymore little kids to believe that the place where we live in is made up of merely happiness and rainbows. In fact, it is mostly made up of the things blatantly opposite of those … Continue reading An Open Letter to Allen