19 Years Old and the Most Important Thing I Learned in Life

The first memory I have of going in front and talking to a huge number of people traces back to the time when I was still in the first grade. At that moment, my teacher asked us to share to the class our “dream” in life. I was about six or seven years old back then. My bestfriend in elementary who was a natural at talking to people and who seemed to have already decided what she wanted in life at such a young age told the class that she wanted to be an engineer, she was the smartest in … Continue reading 19 Years Old and the Most Important Thing I Learned in Life

Life of an Introvert in a Nutshell

            At first sight, people most often feel taunted of approaching me. And they often feel more daunted when they hear me speak, or when they see me act the way I do. It’s not like I look like an ill-minded criminal for them to feel that way. It’s just that my aura is most of the time daunting for people who do not know me at all, and especially for people who know me very little.             I am an introvert. And if I am not misjudged for being just too shy, I am often misjudged for being too … Continue reading Life of an Introvert in a Nutshell

Bidding Goodbye to My First Ever Part Time Job

  Because I am an introvert and someone who’s not very fond of changes, I always hate to bid goodbye. Let that be from the closest friend I have or to the TV series I’ve been watching from episode one ‘til the end. It’s sad. And I don’t like sad. Today, I sent my resignation letter to my employer. Things are now hectic at school and the past off-semester left me tired, stressed, and sleepless. I’m assuming worse is yet to come this next semester as I’m already in my final year. So, I decided to resign and instead focus … Continue reading Bidding Goodbye to My First Ever Part Time Job

My Boy Best Friend Has a Girlfriend Now

            They say that boys and girls can never become best friends without developing any romantic feelings for each other, but I never really believed this idea because I, myself, have a boy best friend.             We met when I was twelve, way back in 7th grade, and he was that tiny, timid boy in the room. I even thought that he was gay. Lol. And I was that strict looking girl everyone was afraid to approach. Looking back, it’s been more than seven years and I never really thought that I could have a friendship that would last this … Continue reading My Boy Best Friend Has a Girlfriend Now

Unloading Thought Burdens Post #1

Date Written: March 11, 2017 Just to say it, I have exams coming right up my sleeve, a report due on Wednesday next week and loads of paper works to finish for my Field Study but I am writing this because my head feels as if it’s been overloaded with millions of stuff and if I don’t “unload” my thoughts, it will burst. I have started very few of my tasks. My 3-day vacation from school (which will end tomorrow since it’s a Sunday) seemed insufficient to accomplish all the things found in my To-Do List. Perhaps it’s for the … Continue reading Unloading Thought Burdens Post #1

Romantic Reminders from Patriciang Payatot

They say that we like the stories where we can find bits of our own selves. A few days ago, I’ve read a quite notable short story that reminded me once again of the things I might be forgetting. The story was entitled Patriciang Payatot, which was by the way, a short story written by a Filipina. And it brought nothing but the remarkable feel of sweet young love, in its purest meaning. It caught my interest so much for the fact that I, myself, have been on the same track as hers. Being the sickly kid in the room, … Continue reading Romantic Reminders from Patriciang Payatot

The Thing About Sleep

I’m not exactly sure of the reason on why I’m writing this when I have a novel to finish for our Midterm exam, reflections to write, a field study module to compile, three articles to submit for my part time job, and reports to think of… but since I’m here, why not tell you something wonderful? It’s been months since I got a good night sleep. I was so busy with life these days that my sleeping pattern is utterly compromised by my schedule. Most, because of school. And partly because of the job (which I dear so much) that … Continue reading The Thing About Sleep