What hypocrisy it is to demand from the society where we live in to become more honest, more compassionate, and more understanding when we ourselves cannot find the courage to become one. From my 19 years of inexperience, I have seen and heard people point out their opinion about how others should think, speak and act saying the world will be much more of a better place to live in if people are honest, if people are kind, or perhaps, if people are just plain good. How easy it is for us to demand that others should act the way … Continue reading #Opinion


IT WAS THE KIND OF AUGUST DAY that made all the kids in the neighborhood play cops and robbers despite the heat of the unsettling sun. My mother decided that I was insane. She locked me up in a dark room in the basement full of dusty boxes buried and forgotten in this corner of our house. I coughed and coughed until I swore I felt my throat and lungs burnt. Tears swelled up my eyes as I pounded on the wooden door and I felt the skin on my knuckles stung. I was begging incoherent pleads even though I … Continue reading Untitled