Questions to Ask Saranghae, Annie!

A few days ago, a classmate of mine made us answer some random questions and I thought, hey why not do the same with myself when I’m kind of, you know, bored. So here its goes! 1) What would your dream vacation be? Go to some historical landmark (what a geek) 2) If you found out that you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do? Do my normal routine, visit a garden, watch the sun set by the beach, thank my family, and pray to Jah for making me have such a wonderful life. 3) If you were stranded … Continue reading Questions to Ask Saranghae, Annie!

2016 and All the Right Flaws I’ve Come to Accept

I should’ve probably written this before the past year ended, but I figured it’s more fitting to do it at the start of the New Year so here it goes. I’m 19 but I don’t look like 19 at all. Or rather, I don’t look like most 19 years old do. I don’t have curves as I’m all skin and bones, and my hair has always been this uncombed mess. I’m flush and plain looking. I practically look like some tall 14 or 15-year-old high school kid who has not even developed her breasts yet. Because I’m skinny, you can … Continue reading 2016 and All the Right Flaws I’ve Come to Accept

7 Things I Loathe in Life

Cuss – This is one of the few things in life that tickle the unwanted manners within me. Whenever I hear curse words, my nerves automatically tingle from so much annoyance I might want to spank a chair straight on the person’s mouth until it bleeds red. There is something about cuss words that makes me sick to the gut. It’s like someone is piercing a knife so sharp in all parts of my body, I’d feel like crying. Crying of so much discontentment and annoyance that I’d want to pierce a sword right on the person’s throat until it … Continue reading 7 Things I Loathe in Life