On Joey De Leon’s Disgusting Comment About Depression

            I was beyond triggered when I saw the trending video of Eat Bulaga’s Joey De Leon commenting about how depression is only just made up by the people suffering from it. He was so sure about what he was talking about that the arrogance and pride in his tone seemed to scratch my insides –I felt itchy listening and looking at him. I couldn’t comprehend how an adult person whose income is more than enough to feed his family and sustain their wants could be that… stupid.             According to him, people who suffer … Continue reading On Joey De Leon’s Disgusting Comment About Depression

But there could be so many right things in the world, and some of them even though they could make you happy, would always be second best. For the past two months that I haven’t posted in here, a lot has already happened with life. Things that my younger self must have never thought of experiencing. I’m not going to talk about them in this post because I’m not yet emotionally ready to talk about those stuff. Instead, I’m going to talk about the quotation quoted above. I got it from one of the fanfics I loved to read from … Continue reading

Time: The Tragedy of the Rest of Us

When I was a young girl, I used to stare at the round clock hung in the wall of our home and thought that its hands never got tired of ticking. At age six, I still did not know how to read the clock and it was only after a year when I entered elementary that I learned how to. Hence, at the early years of my childhood, the object that made all the others around me work with frantic toils was nothing but a round piece of plastic ornament I was fond of watching round and round. I would … Continue reading Time: The Tragedy of the Rest of Us

Life of an Introvert in a Nutshell

            At first sight, people most often feel taunted of approaching me. And they often feel more daunted when they hear me speak, or when they see me act the way I do. It’s not like I look like an ill-minded criminal for them to feel that way. It’s just that my aura is most of the time daunting for people who do not know me at all, and especially for people who know me very little.             I am an introvert. And if I am not misjudged for being just too shy, I am often misjudged for being too … Continue reading Life of an Introvert in a Nutshell

An Open Letter to Allen

I arrived home with the thought of wanting to write how my Saturday went through, but when I logged in on my WordPress account, I saw the new blog update a friend of mine from school has posted. And I figured this is a good time to tell him this: To Allen,             I know that the world is cruel and life really does suck. We are not anymore little kids to believe that the place where we live in is made up of merely happiness and rainbows. In fact, it is mostly made up of the things blatantly opposite of those … Continue reading An Open Letter to Allen


How are you supposed to start to talk about something which has haunted you down as far as you can remember? Insecurities. All of us have one. Or two. Or three. But I’m not going to spend the rest of the night counting literal numbers. Nonetheless, what you’re about to read is something way more interesting than counting numbers. Or otherwise. Being the resolute person that I am (or I claimed that I am) I never really paid attention to the voices that kept saying that others can do it better. Along the years of constant practicing, I have mastered … Continue reading Insecurities

From the Dusts You Came From… (to the dusts you will return)

Late night hours always make me think of the after and before. I don’t have any idea how many people who inhabited this world have thought of the thoughts I’ve always had in mind. These past few days, it seems like I’ve been seeing stuff on a spiritual level. And to tell honestly, I’m quite scared. Because it seemed that I was the only one who kept giving these weird ideas too much attention. This might creep you out but I imagine myself underneath the layers of earthly soils, silent and unmoving. I am exactly aware that someday this body which … Continue reading From the Dusts You Came From… (to the dusts you will return)