Hype and Anticipation Over Code Geass R3

Disclaimer: Code Geass is probably the only anime I’m talking about in my blog, but who cares? Lol. I’ll probably post my thoughts about other series in the next few days.  So here we go. I’ve been over the moon with the news of my *fave* series *officially* getting a few more episodes, a set of movies (with Lelouch in it), or a third season. I’m hoping for a third season though. Code Geass first aired in 2006. Looking back, that’s an awful long time already. After that, the series got its 2nd season in 2008. Then, it was followed … Continue reading Hype and Anticipation Over Code Geass R3

1o Funny Anime OTPs GIF To Make Your Day

#1o Kirito and Asuna, SAO #9 Jintan and Menma, Anohana #8 Chitanda and Houtarou, Hyouka #7 Usui and Misaki, Kaichou Wa Maid Sama #6 Kou and Futaba, Ao Haru Ride #5 Taiga and Ryuji, Toradora #4Kazehaya and Sawako, Kimi Ni Todoke #3 Hiyori and Yato, Noragami   #2 Hikari and Kei, Special A   #1 CC and Lelouch, Code Geass   So that’s your Top 10 Funny Gifs from your fave anime couples hoped they made you laugh haha. Bye bye! 😀   Continue reading 1o Funny Anime OTPs GIF To Make Your Day

Top 5 Anime OTPs That Will Teach You What Love Truly Is Like

Love makes the world go round, an old cliche most people probably know. But there is deep truth found in that old saying. Love makes you perceive things in a different angle and truly, it is the most beautiful thing that could happen to anyone. It changes people, changes situations and for some cases, it also changes the world. But what’s more beautiful to look for other than watching your most favorite anime shipments fall in love? So here’s a list of the Top 5 One True Pairing in the anime world that did not only make us feel giddy but also … Continue reading Top 5 Anime OTPs That Will Teach You What Love Truly Is Like

Top 15 Darn Attractive Anime Guys

Boys may be cool and attractive. But are there others more attractive than the boys found inside our fictional fantasies? Here is a list of the Top 15 Most Attractive anime guys your fan girl heart should definitely check out. #1 Lelouch Vi Britannia, Code Geass #2 Kou Tanaka, Ao Haru Ride #3 Sebastian Michaelis, Black Butler #4 Usui Takumi, Kaichou Wa Maid Sama #5 Gin, Hotarubi No Mori E #6 Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Shippuden #7 Akise Aru, Mirai Nikki #8 Kaede Rukawa, Slamdunk (Slamdunk’s graphic design is way older in comparison to the above list so please don’t take it against … Continue reading Top 15 Darn Attractive Anime Guys

Why Lelouch Vi Britannia Isn’t Dead

Code Geass was one of those few animes that actually had a very good plot and story line. It gave an interesting twist of supernatural powers and gundams/robots (knightmare frames as what it was called in the series). The characterization itself was also very good. I think C.C’s character was sort of genius. Her enigmatic nature and past gave the entire series a sense of mystery and created threads of questions we hoped that can only be answered if one actually finished the series and paid attention even to little details; however, even at the end part of the anime, … Continue reading Why Lelouch Vi Britannia Isn’t Dead

5 Talented Anime Boys To Notice

Fictional crushes definitely make the life of any fan girl better. We get captivated by their smiles, looks, wit and often times talent. Just looking at them makes any girl forget about the troubles the day have brought. Although they aren’t real and never will be it is still nice to think that these guys have perfectly fit our fan girl standards. So, here is a list of the top 5 anime guys who captivated the heart of many fan girls not only for their looks but also because of their talent. #1 Kousei Arima, Your Lie in April Come on, … Continue reading 5 Talented Anime Boys To Notice