Literary Boyfriend: Ed Kennedy (I Am the Messenger)  


It’s been a veryyy long time since I last posted anything under this category. Perhaps, it’s because I became quite busy with life for the past months and I never really had the chance to read any good book with worthy male leads to swoon on. But since I’m posting now, it means that I’ve finally met a literary hottie! Yas!

So, who do we have here?

It’s Ed Kennedy from Markus Zusak’s I Am the Messenger.

Unlike the usual prince charming that we can commonly read on books and see on movies, Ed here is a 19 year-old out of school taxi-cab driver. He’s a sloppy kisser, probably the most awkward boy you’ll ever date, and was technically dumped by all his girlfriends (lol, he only had two gfs all his life). Worse, he’s totally head-over-heels with his best friend, Audrey, but he always gets friendzoned. He’s the least favorite child of his ma, his remaining parent as his father who was an alcoholic just recently went away.

Aside from that, Ed was also the black sheep of the family. One of the middle children who gets insulted on family reunions for the stupid choices he makes in life, and does not make in life. He has a 17-year old dog named the Doorman who smelled too nasty for his own good and who drinks high doses of caffeine, but probably the only creature on earth who loves Ed truly. Lol.

But in spite of Ed being a slack in school, he’s a wide reader who’s already read half of Shakespeare’s works, and the Ulysses. So he’s not really dumb. In fact, he’s smart in his own way.

His life changed after the sensational bank robbery that happened at the first chapter of the book. After the incident, he kept receiving cards (I’m talking about the kind of cards you use in the casino). The cards contained clues about people which he had to deliver messages for. If not, he’d be good as dead. Lol.

I’m not going to talk much further about the story because this isn’t a book review. Rather, I’m going to talk about why Ed Kennedy deserved a spot in my heart. Kidding! But why Ed deserved a spot in this category. Well, here it goes:

  1. Ed is a gentleman – though he certainly looked like he’s up to no good at the first few chapters of the book, I must say that still, he’s a gentleman. Despite growing up in a verbally abusive environment with her ma, he’s never insulted anyone just for the fun of it, well, he’s never even insulted anyone. He’s respectful towards the ladies, and always gives compliments whenever he can. Even to the elderlies.
  2. He’s humble – well pretty much because he didn’t have anything to brag about. But I like that he’s down-to-earth. Not even once did he exalt himself for anything.
  3. He’s a bibliophile! – Awwww, what else could I say? I’m totally in-love with him for this one reason. He reads A LOT and he buys his books on secondhand bookshops (like me) because he’s not wealthy (like me again, lol).
  4. He’s empathetic – because he reads. People who read a lot are mostly empathetic. And because of this, he’s sensitive towards other people’s feelings. He thinks and reprimands himself from saying or doing anything that will make him regret afterwards. Well, except when he’s dealing with his best friend Audrey which will take us to the next reason which is…
  5. He’s madly in love with his best friend – I love Ed Kennedy but I love him more because he loves his best friend. Well, to tell you, I have a thing about stories of best friends eventually falling in love. That is because I think that it’s the safest kind of romance there is. Though I don’t really imagine myself falling in love with my own bff who’s a boy (he’s already got a girlfriend!) because it’s cringey, I still think that it’s the loveliest love story. Ed knows that Audrey is the kind of girl who’d practically hook up with any guy she meets (except for him), even then he likes, no, loves him still. Before you drop any judgmental comments about Audrey, know that she was a product of an abusive childhood environment, hence, with her attitude of hooking up with men just for the sake of, you know, the things people do in bed other than sleeping. She vowed not to love anyone, especially any men, because whoever she loves she ends up hating. That’s why she never wanted to risk a chance with Ed. Even though she loves him back. But, despite the enormous amount of “I’m sorry, Ed. We’re best friends.” he gets from her, he just can’t stop loving her. And that’s kind of beautiful. You know, to meet a guy who will never give up on you no matter what. Ed Kennedy is that type of dude.
  6. He’s smart courageous – this trait is exhibited in the later parts of the novel, but I just like how he evolved from a scaredy cat to a brave soul, man enough to face his fears. Both outer and inner.
  7. He’s a dog lover – he’s got a dog named the Doorman who smelled like all the combined poop in the world (no this is an exaggeration), and he loves him very much. He treats him like family. Even more than his family because really with the kind of family he’s got, the dog is practically the only family member that cares for him. Lol. There was a time when the dog went missing, and he left a soccer match which he was a player just to find him. It’s too cute.
  8. He’s a loyal friend – More importantly, Ed Kennedy is the kind of friend you’d wish you’ll have. He’s never going to leave you on your own no matter what happens. Through thick and thin, he’s going to be there. His experiences in the novel molded him to be someone just like that.

In the real world, he’s probably the kind of guy who’s not getting enough attention because of his ordinariness. You know, the kind of guy who’s getting friend zoned just because he’s got this aura that’s meant to get friend zoned.

But the truth is, he’s not the type for whom you will fall for at first sight (who even falls in love at first sight?). Rather, you’re going to love him when you finally know him. That’s just the kind of character he is.

What a concept it is to meet a guy like him. I wouldn’t mind.


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