On Joey De Leon’s Disgusting Comment About Depression

            I was beyond triggered when I saw the trending video of Eat Bulaga’s Joey De Leon commenting about how depression is only just made up by the people suffering from it. He was so sure about what he was talking about that the arrogance and pride in his tone seemed to scratch my insides –I felt itchy listening and looking at him. I couldn’t comprehend how an adult person whose income is more than enough to feed his family and sustain their wants could be that… stupid.

            According to him, people who suffer from depression are the only ones who are making themselves depressed, depression is not real, and depressed people are only seeking for the attention of those around them. When they’re rich, they’re called depressed, if they’re poor, they’re called hopeless.

            When I was in second year college, I lost one of my grandmothers to depression. She was someone who would easily get depressed at problems. She would take everything seriously. And that became the reason why she became so sick. I couldn’t even go to her funeral because she was so far away (they’re living in Bicol), and we didn’t have enough money to pay for the fare for two people and I had to take care of some things for my scholarship here in Davao City so that I can enroll the following semester. So my mother was the only one who went to Bicol when my grandma died.

            I need not to join the troop of bashers condemning Joey De Leon to prove that what he said is plain nonsensical, and far from humanistic at that. I just wondered how he must have felt reading all the bashes he got from telling that nasty comment. This is not the first time the hosts from the noontime show Eat Bulaga voiced out foul jokes like that. I could still remember Tito Sotto telling single mothers “na-ano lang” implicating that they were just impregnated and were not even given the privilege to be married. These old disrespectful hosts of Eat Bulaga are insensitive hags who think too highly of themselves and who seriously need to learn some lesson to keep for a lifetime.

            Despite Joey De Leon’s apology, if he really was sorry for what he said or was just forced to swallow his pride for the sake of his career and show, I am still not convinced of his sincerity. If he wants to prove to the Filipino community, and to the rest of the world, that he regrets saying the disgusting comments he dropped about depression, he should change his attitude. After all, it’s always easier for public icons like them to word that they are sorry but still, still, still offend others for their unintelligent opinions since they can.

            Although I am an easily irritable person, I never keep a grudge on anyone. But I am seriously and honestly disgusted with him.


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