Featured Person: Oshin

Hey, hey, hey! It’s me again, and my creep of a blog thread #FeaturedPersons. In these blog posts, I write about the most interesting folks I know (I know very few so you can take it as a compliment if you’re included herein. It means that you’ve got something in you that interests me, and I don’t take interest easily, lol). Since it’s my vacey from the university, I have quite an amount of time right off my sleeve to spend writing. So here it goes.

Let me start this by describing the person I’m featuring. Oshin is an 18-year old classmate of mine who’s really cute and small. Literally. At first sight, you will probably mistake her for being a high school kid. Not to discriminate, but I doubt if she’s any 5 ft. tall. So, people often find her cute (as she’s small) and cuddly ( since she’s quite a chub). But there’s more to her than what her kid-like appearance is willing to tell you.

When I first met her, I knew she was matured (not in the strongest meaning of the word, but just in general). By observing the way she talks, she’s someone who does not need any validation (this quite shook me at first given that she looks so innocent and all). She’s quite sharp in taking details, and although she’s not at all expressive of her ideas, when it comes to real-world scenarios, she’s got something to say (and what she has to say is almost always rational and sensible). Like a mother.


I’m not kidding when I tell you that her reasoning and problem-solving capacity are that of a mother. She’s eerily practical and realistic when it comes to actual world situations. And she’s not a cutie at all. She’s not picky and someone who’s answer is either agree or disagree. There’s no in-betweens.

She’s even more familiar with medicines and what kind of illnesses they cure than I am.

When I knew her more, I realized that like Shana (the one I featured many months ago), she also has this somewhat dark aura around her. After further observing (and also going to her house from time to time), I realized what made her personality a bit dark. Apparently, she’s a bit of an emo-punk, but only in the closet. She’s not really showing it but she’s not also hiding it. If you look closer, you will realize. She’s totally an introvert who doesn’t like being around people.

What shook me the most was the fact that she liked to read/watch Boys’ Love (and perhaps even Yaoi love stories). She’s the only person I personally know, in this blue planet, that likes to watch/read about such. I mean, who else would?

And my first intuition of her being independent minded was proven correct when I found out that she’s living on her own with her few relatives because both her parents were in Manila.

Well, that explains why she seemed someone who doesn’t need any validation. She’s used to making decisions for herself.

Aside from that, she’s really kind, sharp, and pretty.


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