Hype and Anticipation Over Code Geass R3

Disclaimer: Code Geass is probably the only anime I’m talking about in my blog, but who cares? Lol. I’ll probably post my thoughts about other series in the next few days. 

So here we go.

I’ve been over the moon with the news of my *fave* series *officially* getting a few more episodes, a set of movies (with Lelouch in it), or a third season. I’m hoping for a third season though.

Code Geass first aired in 2006. Looking back, that’s an awful long time already. After that, the series got its 2nd season in 2008. Then, it was followed by a couple of episodes released almost every year in Akito the Exiled. The Akito movie series was set in between the first and second season of CG. But then again, it talked of a totally different character although there were still a few appearances of the casts in the original series (including Lelouch a.k.a Julius Kingsley). 

Image result for code geass R1

After almost 10 years since its ending, the series is going to be back again with big (rebellious) revelations *gasps*. With its title being Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection, many fan theories (including mine) about him being alive will probably be proven correct in the coming months.

Aside from a short teaser of the new project that went viral online a few months ago, any other information about the series has been kept a secret by its creators.

But just recently, the series’ official Twitter account @GEASSPROJECT has released a mysterious countdown.


 sun_コウジロウ #geassp|コードギアスプロジェクトの投稿画像

Released July 20

 sun_コウジロウ #geassp|コードギアスプロジェクトの投稿画像

Released July 21

 sun_コウジロウ #geassp|コードギアスプロジェクトの投稿画像

Released July 22

 sun_コウジロウ #geassp|コードギアスプロジェクトの投稿画像

Released July 24

The countdown started on July 20. So, we’re probably up for an important announcement on the 27th of  the month.

Are you also excited for Code Geass? Feel free to share your thoughts, happy blogging!






  1. I’m more concerned with where they plan on taking the story given it felt nicely resolved and it feels like they are going to undo part of what I liked about the ending in order to continue. That said, I’m still wanting to know what they do so I kind of look forward to knowing more.

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    1. Yup, I myself is quite content with the ending of R2. But I badly want to know what happens next, and see what the team has in mind for the (probably) 3rd season. As you can see in the countdown, I’m guessing Lelouch is living somewhere in the province and living a low-key life. Well, at first. 🙂

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