Bidding Goodbye to My First Ever Part Time Job


Because I am an introvert and someone who’s not very fond of changes, I always hate to bid goodbye. Let that be from the closest friend I have or to the TV series I’ve been watching from episode one ‘til the end. It’s sad.

And I don’t like sad.

Today, I sent my resignation letter to my employer. Things are now hectic at school and the past off-semester left me tired, stressed, and sleepless. I’m assuming worse is yet to come this next semester as I’m already in my final year. So, I decided to resign and instead focus on my studies.

Ever since October of last year, I was working for an online writing agency as a content writer. We write the stuff people Googled online. I entered the company with blind hopes and anticipation of finally getting a job of my own. I wanted to experience how it felt like to have a part time job while in college.

I entered the company equipped with my low-key knowledge of making and sending emails. Aside from that and the slight confidence I got from joining those writing contests in high school, I dared to apply for a real job.

I got hired. And the team met my expectations. Even exceeded it.

The company I worked for was filled with good people. And although some of them may look strict (and grumpy) at times, they were welcoming and funny. When I first entered the company, I presumed that I was the youngest as I was then still in 3rd year college. I was 18. The other writers and editors were fresh grads, working moms, dads at home, and basically home-based employees.

Most of them graduated from the country’s most looked up university. Yup, I’m talking about UP. I’m not even sure where I found the guts to join them. They were all smart people who always have an opinion over anything, and who almost always got the correct answer.

My first salary motivated me to do more. It feels surreal to hold a money you know you earned on your own. I would often stay up until 3 AM writing, and during that time I never truly felt worn-out despite my 8 am practice for a musical play.

I was not working, I was having fun.

I developed friendships and met new people. And although I had my bad days too, I learned a lot of things working with them. Both in life and at work.

I looked up to my boss a lot. He’s probably the smartest person I know. Even though he is at times sulky, I know with the way he treats his employees that he is a good person who is honest and fair.

Most importantly, I developed my love for writing even more deeply while working for the company. I realized that my passion should not be kept at the closed pages of my notebook.

Now, it pains me to say goodbye to them because they’ve been very good to me from the start. But I guess this is just how life goes. Someday, if time and chances permit, I hope to meet these people again.

I am beyond grateful for the experience.




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