My Boy Best Friend Has a Girlfriend Now

            They say that boys and girls can never become best friends without developing any romantic feelings for each other, but I never really believed this idea because I, myself, have a boy best friend.

            We met when I was twelve, way back in 7th grade, and he was that tiny, timid boy in the room. I even thought that he was gay. Lol. And I was that strict looking girl everyone was afraid to approach. Looking back, it’s been more than seven years and I never really thought that I could have a friendship that would last this long.

            Rogelio was the kid in the room that doesn’t really study, but still tops the test. And I was the kid in the room that always studied to top the test. The two of us are so opposite, like that of the two edges of a magnet. He’s bright at Math, but not in English. I’m good at English, but Math always requires me a good amount of effort. I never mind.

            We became close in 8th grade when the two of us entered a History Quiz Bee. And since then, we became best friends. Because he was too tiny, barely reaching my ears, I never viewed him as someone other than the tiny boy I know since 7th grade all the years of my high school.

            We do the things that best friends do. We were always seatwork partners, study buddies (along with our other friends), and lunch companions despite our dissimilarities. Out of the two of us, I was always the most expressive hot-headed other, and he was the cool headed, patient person. And if someone picked on him for being too small, I’ll be the one to throw retorts at the person with my brows raised, and my hands on my sides. And he’ll be at my back saying I shouldn’t be that offensive.

            The two of us, technically, grew up together. And there is something warm about seeing a person with your own two eyes grow up from being a kid to being a grown responsible man. You become more than just friends. No, not in a romantic way.  You become more like brothers and sisters.

            Rogelio was the little brother I never had.

I cannot anymore count how many times we’ve been mistaken for being a couple. At first, it made the two of us cringe, at some point, it made us awfully awkward, and afterwards, it made us laugh, and then, it became a familiar misinterpretation that just led us to shrug our shoulders. We never explained because what’s the point? People wanted to make hallucinations about others inside their minds.

            We go on movies together, eat lunch outside together, go to the mall together, and buy books together. Because we’re under the same scholarship grantee, the two of us are also always together in complying requirements, and going on certain activities. Not to mention, we go to the same university and college together. The two of us never really separated since 7th grade. Lol.

            And even though we’re a bit of grown-ups now, and he’s already a few inches taller than me, some things never really change. As always, I was the one to speak for the two of us. Let that be when talking to people, or complying certain requirements. And he was the boy at my back that just listens. I always feel this responsibility of being the ate when we’re out together. Even though his analytical and decision making prowess always save the two of us from trouble. Lol.

            But there were days when I imagined the what ifs. I wasn’t oblivious of the fact that we’re boys and girls. And I don’t really mind to have a boy best friend-slash-brother. Yet, I still imagine the time when I’ll get to meet someone special, and he’ll get to meet someone special. What if that happens? I’m pretty sure, it’s not going to be the same again. Maybe it will be okay for the two of us, but what about the others?

            When we were still kids, I never became ashamed to ask him to wait for me outside the girls’ comfort room, or to ask if there’s a red spot in my uniform (ikr?). I ask favors that are overboard like make him do my Math assignments, answer a quiz for me when I’m late, or fake the attendance for me when I’m not around. I make him wait for more than an hour because I’m going to be late. I was always late.

I depended too much on that familiarity.

            And this familiarity made me push the idea of that someone special coming.

            Now, my boy best friend has a girlfriend and I’m pretty sure that he feels that nothing’s going to change as we’re brothers and sisters, but I know that things will be different now. Because what in the world does not change?

            Yet, I’m still happy for him because I was kind of worried he’s going to grow up torpe, and never find a girlfriend. Lol hahaha! However, I can’t hide the fact that I’m a bit saddened because he’s not going to be the same little boy that I knew many, many years ago.

            Because now, there are boundaries.

PS: Keep what you just read herein.


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