Featured Person: Shana

 Oh look, this thread is still available? Welcome to my #FeaturedPerson Blog Updates where I tackle the people fit in my list of most interesting (at least for me). So here it goes!

            The first time I started this category it was because I wanted to write about this girl, but it felt awkward to just do so all because I wanted to. I mean, she may or may not be constantly checking on saranghaeannie (Hey Shan, if you’re reading this haha!). So, I just decided to write about many people I find interesting. Here’s my shot about Shana.

            I’m not sure if she can remember but she was the first person in the room (aside from Joan and Chielo who became my classmates in HS) that I have ever talked to. We became groupmates in a group activity on the first day of school. She told me her name was Shana, and I couldn’t help but remember a childhood friend I had way back when I was 6, and the red head flame master in the anime show I watched way back in High School. They had the same names.

            My first impression of her was, “This girl seemed timid.” She’s quiet, and doesn’t interact that much with the others in the group (not that I do too, it’s the first day after all). However, I still noticed the edge in her voice and the sharpness of how she looks. So I said, “This girl is timid but she’s maldita.”

            Days passed and I kept on observing the people inside the room. They all have very colorful personalities, and quite very competitive too. (Yah, classmates, if you’re reading this.) So I didn’t easily cope with the environment as it was only after I graduated from HS that I vowed to myself to never ever try to compete with others about being the best, and instead beat my own records and be a better version of myself.

            So, this is what I noticed: The people inside the room were consistent. They easily formed circles of friends and laughed as if they knew each other for so long, or as if they were just trying to belong. They seemed to emit colorful auras. And contrary to the people I met on the prior times of my life, theirs were really strong. So colorful. Sometimes, so intimidating. But some emitted dark (I’m not talking about FK or Harince or Cathy. Screw Aivan for always repeating this dark joke) colors. And not like the others, they weren’t consistent. So I noticed them more often than anyone in the room. One of them was Shana.

            When I meet people, I observe their personality and then, the colors will follow. Shana’s was the color of a deep gray ash. Maybe it was because of her blouse that was gray when I first met her, if my memory serves me right (it doesn’t sometimes though). But there really is something dark about her personality. Not the dark, emo, Avril Lavigne type but the dark, seemed secretive, yet cool type. Her behaviors weren’t consistent. Sometimes, she goes to class looking really happy (but when you look closer, it’s not really “that” happy). Sometimes, she laughs, like really laugh at the jokes some of our classmates punched, but sometimes, she’ll just stare blankly without even batting an eyelash as if it was the most unimportant, nonsense thing she heard in her life. Sometimes, she talks a lot and loud, but there were times when she’ll just stay quiet and write something on her notebook, who knows what. I also noticed her clothes. They were almost always pale, if not black or gray. If they weren’t, they will be a dark shade of the color she picked. Example, the color blue –she’ll wear dark blue. And they were vintage. Way back, she had a really long dark hair that she let fall on her back, and it was beautiful.

            She’s smart and she’s a good person. She’s a tech savvy. She dislikes talking about people, like real life people (except celebs) and their flaws, and is careful of everything she allows her mouth to speak. Too careful. She writes good poetry, but she’s not convinced about it, I wonder why. She likes books, and it’s such a good thing to know someone with the same interest (not everybody has the sense to actually like reading). She likes Cole Sprouse (aww he’s too cute to be disliked). She has a tattoo (I never knew someone, especially a girl, same as my age who has one aside from her).

            The shady side of her personality never really left, it’s still there; but I think that that’s her best asset.

She’s like the two sides of a coin. And now that I think about it, she’s like the moon. The color of gray amid the darkness of the heaven above. She is light, and yet she is dark.



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