Character Analysis: Ky Markham Matched Trilogy

Warning: Do not read if you have not yet finished the Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie. But if you are fond and immune of spoilers, you can continue reading.

             Ky Markham is among the lead characters in Ally Condie’s Matched Trilogy released oin year 2012. He is an enigmatic boy who has a lot of secrets hidden inside of him. Aside from his good looks, Ky sure is beyond the average teenager. He’s very smart and also very keen about his environment. The story is set in an authoritative form of government (by the name of The Society) -the kind that basically makes all the life decisions of its populace from the food they eat, clothes they wear to the day they die. But Ky grew up outside the borders of this authoritative government, having a rebel father, which made him different from the rest of the people living inside it. Certain events happened like the loss of his older cousin and the death of his parents after a tragic bomb attack that led Ky to live in The Society. There he meets Cassia Reyes, the main character of the series, and the two will soon develop deep affection for one another despite Cassia being matched to another guy.

          In the first book of the series, Ky is seen as a mysterious character who most definitely doesn’t want to get himself in the spotlight. He lives among the shadow of The Society and his primary goal is to survive. He doesn’t bring up his full potential in whatever he does despite all his gifts for the purpose of not getting too much attention from others. Having a rebel father and practically growing up in a kind of wild environment, Ky has seen a lot of worse things happen and he thinks that the order brought up by The Society despite the limited freedom is better than the deaths he has witnessed at a young age. Ky has his own resolve and stands and most of them are contradictory to what Cassia, his love interest, has.

               On the second book, all his enigmatic demeanor is later revealed as only a part of his true nature. Ky truly is a skeptical and cautious boy who only doesn’t want to witness anymore the people around him die because of what he thinks as a pointless fight for freedom. Having witness a lot of worse scenarios and deaths, Ky has been resolute in nothing but making himself and the people around him survive no matter what the cause. But little by little he slowly lets go of some of his skepticism about many things and learn to accept that he is, from the very beginning, fated to do great and not just be the average person he is trying to be all along.

               In the last book of the series, Ky despite the slowness of his growth as a character, has managed to overcome if not all but many of his worries and doubts. In the end, he joined The Rising -a rebel group who goes against The Society and even becomes one of the organization’s ace pilots. He later on realized that no amount of safety The Society can bring will measure to the freedom and happiness he feels when he’s with those who are important to him. All of the things he did in the series are for Cassia. All for the purpose of being with her and not to fight for some brave noble reason like giving the rest of humanity the freewill they deserve.

                In the end, Ky does not fully become an entire different character with a totally changed mindset because who does? He still has some reservations as normal people are but slowly he’s seeing things in a new light.


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